Electronic signatures are legal and now common in the real estate industry. It makes it much easier for people to sign from any location (from their smart phone, tablet or computer) and get a clean copy of all executed documents. We use the system called, DocuSign.

The first time you use DocuSign, you will need to set up an account to receive and execute documents electronically. You will pick the signature and initials that most closely resemble your own style. DocuSign will give you 8 styles to choose from. If you want to customize it, the system does give you a 9th option to create your own style using your mouse. Keep in mind, the signature does not have to be an exact match … just pick a style that is closest to your own style. These will become your electronic signatures. You will also need to set up a username and password to login to DocuSign (now and in the future). Once you have that set, you can use it as needed. Because we are a DocuSign customer, this is at “no cost” to our clients.

When you have completed the documents, you will be sent a “clean” electronic copy of the documents you signed for you to keep electronically on your computer (or print out for your file).

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